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Bento Cake

Bento cakes with carrot cake filling are an unforgettable classic that is now simply presented in a new format. Everyone will be able to treat themselves to this delicious and aesthetically alluring dessert made from natural ingredients.

The combination of layers and fillings naturally brings out a delightful balance that is testament to the true mastery of the experienced pastry chef behind their artful and meticulous creation. You also get to choose exactly how your bento cake with carrot cake filling will look like from a variety of combinations: messages with quirky or cute phrases, special images, and composition in any style, with a blend of your favourite colours.

A small 8 cm portion will be sure to delight 1-2 people. You can also order a 10cm cake for 2-3 people, 12cm for 4-5 people, and 14cm for 7-8 people.