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Bento Cake

Bento cake with classic white filling with mixed berries is an excellent choice for holidays and a wide variety of events. With this treat, we give you the opportunity to delight your family and friends with mouth-watering desserts made from natural ingredients. Our plethora of different types of gastronomic treats are made by experienced confectioners, thus assuring customers of the best quality 100% of the time.

On any other day when you just need to treat yourself, be sure to buy this 8 cm miniature dessert made for just 1 person, which will be an excellent option if you are looking to enjoy this delicacy in blissful solitude. You can also order a 10cm cake for 2-3 people, 12cm for 4-5 people, and 14cm for 7-8 people. This cake with classic white filling with mixed berries can be a wonderful gift for a loved one. All you have to do to get your hands on this incredibly delicious and beautiful dessert is simply place an order on the website.