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Bento Cake

Bento red velvet is a miniature classic. This dessert with red velvet filling will be sure to plunge any sceptic, or just ordinary modern cake lovers, into the classics of bakery. The incredible presentation of such a familiar delicacy with its combination of flavours that is truly becoming hard to come by will be an absolutely delightful gastronomic surprise to connoisseurs of the art of cake-making.

Can there be a better or more worthy reason to try out this delightful dessert made from natural ingredients? The taste of bento cake with red velvet filling will delight anyone willing to try it. This 8 cm cake will be perfect at celebratory occasions for 1-2 people and will be the ideal gift on both special occasions and any other day. You can also order a 10cm cake for 2-3 people, 12cm for 4-5 people, and 14cm for 7-8 people. Who can put a reason or price on the joy of one’s loved ones?